drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

North Korean's Trying To Ape American Way Of Life...

Oh dear the WannaBe's Are Out in Fashion Risk City:
North Koreans are taught to worship Kim Jong Il as a god. In a manner unique among nations, the North exerts extraordinary control through deification - a cult ideology of complete subservience - that goes beyond the "Stalinist" label often used to describe the newly nuclear North.
[ cf N. Korea escalates 'cult of Kim' to counter West's influence ]
God That Is Such A Blatant Rip Off!!!!

I mean the "Movement Conservatives" crank Up the Love for Great Leader, in light of the Dark Horror of The Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair, and what do the Freaking North Koreans Do???

They Follow Suit!!!!

They SOOOO just want to keep on egging on the americans to keep the american hostages on the Korean Penninsula, just so that North Korea is protected from the Circling Night Of The Long Knives, as the Japanese, SoKo, Chinese, and Soviets Work on becoming the Next Manchurian Candidate to be under the Mind Control of the Korean Dubya Wannabe....

I mean, how LAME-O is that-o????

But we know that when all the cards are counted, presuming that the Evil Liberals do not steal the election, then everyone everywhere will All Praise Great Leader!!!! FOR GREAT LEADER IS GREAT!!!
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