drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( Liberals Cause Badness )

Is it just me, or now that the Evil Nancy Pelosi Forces of Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair have gone on the Rampage against White Christian America, we are a nation under seige!!!!!

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, or so the evil liberal media says, a Student Shoots a fellow Stoodent in a High School in Tacoma Washington, where The Evil Liberals Stole The Election, and Destroyed Civilization as we know it, to allow Billions and Billions of Demonic HellSpawn to Come Flying Up from out of the Darkest Pits of the Burning Sulphours Hell of Totally Gross Out Grossness....

Oh yes, like sure, I mean, the Evil Liberal Media can not connect the dots between this TOTALLY UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR and the Demonic Forces of Liberalism that is at this very moment stabbing the troops in the back by Opposing God's Divinely Chosen Greatest Of All Possible Military Leaders EVER!!!!

Can anyone find a story when the God Fearing White Christian Americans were in power when such things were even concievable, let aloned actually occurred - OF COURSE NOT!!! Such things did not happen until the Evil Liberals STOLE The Election and Imposed Demonic Powers of Represssing the True White Christian American Minority with their Evil Doing Evil Doers....


Tags: bomb_canada

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