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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( Bovine BioGas )

The California Energy Commission has released a report on a program that transforms cow manure into power by extracting methane - a potent greenhouse gas - from bovine poop and using it to fuel electricity-generating turbines. The conclusion: Cow power can make money for dairies and make them energy self-sufficient as well as provide electricity to the grid. But - there's always a but - the Byzantine regulatory structure that favors entrenched utilities is frustrating the widespread adoption of bovine biogas.

Cow power is an alternative energy fuel that should be the perfect solution to a host of environmental problems. It takes cow manure, a widespread source of global warming - there are a couple million cows in California alone - and an environmental waste that costs farms millions of dollars a year to dispose of, and turns it into a clean, green source of electricity. As Green Wombat wrote about Vermont's use of cow power, there are also other environmental and financial benefits.

[ cf California Cow Power: Poop Pays ]
Ah Yes, If Only....

And in this case, I think a clear and Compelling argument can be made that it was the Evil Gay HomoZexual Zombie Al-Qaeda Cyborg Iranian Flying Saucer Piloting Pirate Canadianist Puppet Toady Stooges Of Enron who are the Obvious Cause of the Regulatory Problems that stand in the way of Everything Everywhere Being Better And Better!!! And that there can ONLY be a Military Solution!!!! since we as a nation can not wait for the smoking gun to get lung cancer from the Mushroom Shaped Clouds!!!

Clearly To Stop the Gay Marriages we Must Bomb Canada so that Iraq can become integrated into the Global Economy which will End Homosexuality, Everywhere, and all of those Green House Gases will become Profitable and we will not have to worry about Climate Change.... Because we Stopped Gay Marriages!!!

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