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WaPo Admits To Being Terrorists Clique

FBI agents at Guantanamo saw a military interrogator squat over the Koran in order to anger a prisoner and observed a detainee whose head was wrapped in duct tape, according to recently released FBI documents from a 2004 internal inquiry.

The documents stemmed from a survey of nearly 500 FBI employees who were asked if they saw any aggressive interview techniques, interrogations or mistreatment of prisoners at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. More than 25 incidents were reported.

[ cf FBI: Guantanamo interrogator squatted over Koran ]
Thank GOD that is not like the last time around when the Evil Liberal Media had talked about defiling the bible...

But oh Well, I guess now, more than ever, the Department Of HomeLand Protection MUST take action against these Evil Doing Evil Doers, Who are Evil!!! And Doing And ERS!!!!

Anything Less and the Iranian Flying Saucers WILL RETURN!!!

Oh yes, and for those keep track back home, this new report release, is the same one that the DOD says that there is still nothing for them to do...

Ah yes... America, the land where Jesus Gave Us Nukes, and the Divine Mandate To Torture Whom We Will, because NO ONE will Oppose Us, Because Our Holy And Miraculous Nuclear Weapons Of Divine Vengence will rain down upon the Unbelievers like the Burning Sulphour Upon the Unbelievers in the Land.... you know, back in the day, in a totally like biblically literalist sense...
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