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Should Christianists Support Terrorists???

Members of a storefront church said Wednesday they fear U.S. authorities plan to raid their building and arrest an illegal immigrant who has taken refuge there.

Adalberto United Methodist Church has sheltered Elvira Arellano and her 8-year-old son, Saul, since August. Arellano sought sanctuary at the West Side church after she was ordered deported, saying she didn't want to be separated from her son, a U.S. citizen.

The Rev. Walter Coleman said neighborhood residents reported seeing U.S. marshals taking photos of the church Tuesday night. But Mark Gregoline, deputy U.S. marshal for northern Illinois, said Wednesday that his agency is not involved in the case.

Phone and e-mail messages left after hours Wednesday for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman were not immediately returned. Officials at the agency have said there is nothing to prevent them from arresting Arellano.

Church members – who keep the glass doors chained and covered with heavy curtains – said they will resume a 24-hour vigil that includes prayer and standing watch at windows and doors and from the rooftop.

[ cf Chicago Church Braces for Federal Raid ]
Don't YOU just hunger for the Halcyon Days, back when a headline about Fed's Attacking White Christian America was the clear clarion call that the Clintons were embarking upon their Anti-Americanisms and Evil Demonic Demonism!!!!

Rather than that it is time to clear out the Terrorist Nests Of Evil Doing Evil Doers who think that churches should be sanctuaries for Fuji, rather than that they should be Holy Shrines To The Great Miracle that watching American Hockey Teams On TV prevented Canada From invading america!!!!

Videodrome, NOW more than Ever!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists will return in their Iranian Flying Saucers...
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