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Speaking Of That Evil Ferrign Devil Invasion....

He and Betty Ford were married in the old church on Oct. 15, 1948. About five years later, the congregation built the current church, which is in the upscale suburb of East Grand Rapids only a few blocks from where Ford and his family lived during his 25 years in the U.S. House.

The church now is home to a second congregation, an ecclesiastical body called Sudanese Grace Episcopal Church that is made up of African refugees known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. They are among about 3,800 Sudanese boys who were separated from their parents during a long and bloody civil war in their country and were welcomed into the United States in 2000 and 2001. For about three years, the church has been holding services in their native language.

[ cf Mich. Church Prepares for Ford's Funeral ]

What should americans say about allowing those types into America, while we are still officially trying to avoid any knowledge that there is anything OTHER than ThatIraqiThingiePooh which needs national attention...

Granted, I am in the process of wandering around chasing down the background of the Priest who conducted a part of the funeral service, because dear s9 whined: s9: Bitchy Snark For No Good Reason in what might be a worthwhile Whine... but of course... one never knows these days, since, as we have all learned from HanoiAnnie Coulter, Episcopaleans are Evil Demonic Creatures who Feed On The Fresh Blood on young Blond Blue Eyed Arayan White Christian American Virgin Teenage Christian Cheerleader Princesses!!!! Or was that we learned from HanoiAnnie Coulter that she is still angry with god for not getting as big a Penis as she believes Jesus Used to Nuke Nations that allowed liberals in them... which ever it was...
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