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Got Religion?

An analysis by The Birmingham News found that churches and religious groups received most of the $716,000 in donations distributed by the Richard M. Scrushy Charitable Foundation in 2005, the year pastors and leaders of those groups regularly attended Scrushy's fraud trial.

The trial in Birmingham ended with the HealthSouth founder and former CEO being acquitted. A separate trial in 2006 in Montgomery ended with Scrushy and former Gov. Don Siegelman being convicted bribery and conspiracy.

The 2005 charitable donations, revealed in tax records recently made public, show that of the 25 organizations receiving donations, only three had no apparent connection with a church or religious organization.

That was a switch from earlier years when money went to many different kinds of groups, the newspaper reported.

The transition from secular to spiritual donations reflects changes in Scrushy's own life. He has gone from being the well-known leader of a major healthcare corporation to being the founder of his own church and the host of an early morning television Bible show seen in Birmingham and Montgomery.

The transition began in 2003, the year Scrushy was indicted on fraud charges. His foundation reported one donation to a church that year — $1.05 million to Guiding Light Church, a predominantly black church that Scrushy began attending in 2003.

In 2004, his foundation made donations totaling $882,000, around $700,000 of which was to predominantly black churches and groups that made up the so-called "Amen Corner" that showed up daily at his six-month trial.

Pastors of churches that received money from the foundation have said their backing of Scrushy during the trial came out of support for a fellow Christian they felt was innocent of the charges, not due to donations from his foundation.

The donations in 2005 also went mostly to religious groups.
Special Forces for Jesus, whose leader Sherry Connor was a fixture at the fraud trial, received $71,500 from the foundation last year.

[ cf Churches, Religious Groups Got Most of Scrushy's Donations ( emphasis mine ) ]
What was that old saying about follow the money that was so popular in pulp fiction novels...

and yes, WOW!!! the special forces for jesus.... Boy, now you don't even have to stay home watching the Olympic Hockey Team Kick Those Commies In The Butt to be a part of the National Miracle....

Hum... an interesting take on their take on the Half Way House solution, and how does that bounce around with the reality of the so called home page:Special Forces for Jesus Outreach Ministries ... or is there some delta between the public statements and the official position taken with the Department Of Corrections.... it may not be much, but these things make me wonder...

The Other interesting hit on the simple googling got me to this, Thanksgiving and The Brew a blog that found the case a bit interesting...

Ah yes, america, where we create our own militant religious groups, with war alignment, and war language, just in case, we must embark upon the slaying and slewing as 'we' take 'the land'.... You know, making it a biblically literalist interpretation about how America is The New Jerusalem/Israel/OurNewAndTruthierHolyLand...
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