drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

House Backs Policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

I think for some, this is a great new victory for the forces of America Bashing Anti-Family Assault On Our White Christian America!

Clearly the house's vote on the silly Bum's Rush Bill to try to end debate on the Need For MORE AMERICAN BLOOD to defend the Islamic Republic of Iraq is, well, on of those Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy positions that is all a part of fast tracking the whole Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative that worries all true americans.

Some will say, ok, so how does that work. Well, it really is not that difficult a piece of work. Congress's poseur posture is trying to make america safer for the SitOnTheirFaceCrowd that likes to hide behind the skirts of Gays and Womyn in the Military. Now don't get me wrong here - I support the efforts to get more congressional support for helping the Victims of ChickenHawk Angst. But is this policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the failed evil Clintonesta policy, that has populated the american armed forces with Gays and Womyn, really the best solution?

I am sure that americans are aware that when the EVIL FDR actually allowed Negroes to serve in combat units during WWII that they came back to america and decided that some how they should be majikally accepted as real human beings and regular citizens just like the rest of the People Around the Country. This of course lead to Truman ending segregation in the Military, and the rest has been just more of the same old Mainforce Assault On White Christian America.

I am sure that as all americans know, Tom DeLay really wanted to do the Vietnam Thing, but the government had given the good billets to Minorities - and now congress appears to be backing the same approach for this round of the WhateverOnWhomever. Which will only lead as we all know to Womyn wanting to be considered Human Beings - I mean what, we are suppose to give them the right to vote? Or What?

Worse Yet, the inevitable outcry from Gay Veterans who will want to be considered actual human beings just like everyone else who served in the American Armed Forces - unlike the ValiantRealWarHeroes[dm], like Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby, who stayed in the rear with the Beer protecting us from all of the Evil Liberals who are Evil, and Liberal. I mean Karl Rove will be able to put some special cluster device on his ValiantRealWarHeroesBigManManlyMaleMachoCampaignRibbon[dm] having valiantly lead the struggle against evil doing evil doers in the vietnam era experience and the current WhateverOnWhomever.

So can we really allow Congress to open the floodgates to extremists everywhere?

Can there be any other end to this evil process than the whole horrorfying Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative being imposed upon us by the sort of people who ran off to take those high paying welfare jobs as bullet biters in Iraq so that their Blood would keep the Holy Islamic Republic of Iraq safe for those who had far better things to do than interrupt their busy schedules, and stop sitting on their face long enough to get into the american armed forces!!!!

Clearly ALL Patriotic Americans must do their Part to stop this whole horrorfying Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative being imposed upon us simply because Congress want's it's policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell!!!

So write your CongreeCritter and DEMAND that they reverse their position, and make America American Again!!!

Anything less and this whole horrorfying Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative will be crammed down our throats by those evil sorts who just did not have the sort of Moral Courage to stay in the rear with the Beer!!! The sort of silly sorts who just are not willing to be man enough to hide behind girl's skirts!!!


Anything LESS and the TERRORISTS WIN!


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