drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Iraq Ambulance Chasing....

It is soooo sad when folks like Josh Marshall ( here ) are lead astray by folks like Richard Clarke, ( MUST READ: While You Were at War . . . ) since they assume that the problem is some how a lack of focus on the part of the current administartion about the wider range of global issues.....

But what if it is the simpler process????

That having Iraq means never having to think about anything else....

The nation has sunk over a $1 Trillion Bucks, give or take, the over all cost that we will be "paying forward" for the fiasco to date....

The nation has so gotten over the need for law and order in america, since, well, now that the president has the divine right, given him by congress, to torture anyone anywhere for any reason, and that the president can use information derived from torture, without the recourse of discovery by the defense counsel, do any of the non-IraqiThingiePooh really matter any more???

The nation has to have more securer borders because if we do not, then those Iraqi's will come here and take away our high paying jobs, because they are all alligned with the Iranian Flying Saucers, you know, the ones that attacked america....

And if The NATION IS MORE AT WAR!!! is not enough to deal with the GAY MARRIAGE INITIATIVE TO DESTROY THE FAMILY, I mean, well, there is that Gay Marriage Thing, which may or may not actually be a part of the Whole Plot To DESTROY OUR MILITARY FIGHTING FORCES who would have won but GAYS WANT TO MARRY!!!!

So why should anyone care that there are any other Issues out there that are not a part of WINNING IN IRAQ!!! Or those Iranian Flying Saucers Will Return!!!! Since IF we do not win in IRAQ!!! Then THE GAY MARRIAGES WILL DESTROY OUR WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA!!!!

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