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Purge The Defeatists Cut And Runners From The Military!!!

I think that once again Poor Josh Marshall has been taken advantage of by the Radical Left Wing Extremists, and as such misses the salient features when he write:
I don't know if the basic gist of the New York Times piece on what happened in Iraq in 2006 will get picked up. But in case anyone misses it, let's do the short summary. According to the White House, the person to blame for Iraq is Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., the top American commander in the country. And Casey's so bad that President Bush is probably going to can him before his current tour concludes this summer. Probably as soon as next month.

In so many words, Casey's policy (which, reading between the lines, it's pretty clear Casey thought was Bush's desired policy) was maintain current troop levels and 'standing down as the Iraqis stand up'. You may have thought that was the Bush policy. But apparently not. "Over the past 12 months," the Times now tells us, "as optimism collided with reality, Mr. Bush increasingly found himself uneasy with General Casey’s strategy."

[ cf BlogEntry ]
which of course is referencing AmericanPravda: Chaos Overran Iraq Plan in ’06, Bush Team Says...

But let us put our thinking cap on correctly here, since as we all know the Great Leader has always been for staying the course, but it must be staying the Correct Course as is Truly Revealed In The Divine Revelation of the One True And Only Biblically Literal Interpretation of the Argument From Intelligent Design, and not just any willy nilly Stay The Course Dogma!!!

AS SUCH!!! Those Enemies of the State Who have been Engaged in the Defeatist Kapitulationists Appeaser Cut and Runner Stay the Course that is the Apostate Spawn of the Satanic Demonic Evil Doing Evil Doers, who are Evil, and Doers, And ERS!!! MUST be Defeated!!!!

Granted at this time it is not as clear if the New And Improved Stay the Course will include the Surge Suede Shoes and Diaper Bibs, or if there is that Empowered Enhanced Extended Enablement of the Stay the Course Doctrine as has been correctly Divined By the Divine DIVINERS who divine the divinity of divining!!!

But we all know that we have all always supported the ONE TRUE and ONLY CORRECT interpretation of the Stay The Course doctrine as has been handed down since the Beginging of Time and is a part of the True Recieved Texts of the Truths that are Truthier!!!

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