drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

WhiskeyFire Gets Ugly...

Ok, so Most Overlooked '06 Highlight ( at digby ) recommends that you READ Sad Freaks of the Nation which is really A SCARY slap down of the so called "movement conservatives".... a phrase that yearns to be sorted out more.... and I will offer them folks the time to work out if any sort of Rational Definition can be constructed to deal with that Psychological Maladie which does not fundamentally wind up sounding like an entry in the DSM, complete with decimalized sub componentry therein, thereof, and therewith.

What makes things a bit freaky in the Digby Rant, is that it closes out noting that RedState is now going to be the New Rent Boy for Eagle Publishing, you remember them, the fine folks who brought us Jeff Gannon, the rent boy who got to play the Main Room in the White House Play the Press Game...

Ok, so I preferred the Rendition of that which Kevin Smith did in Clerks II (2006), the whole spanky wanky of "interspecies love" seems so much more patriotically correctly done with the Donkey that Could Actually Act...

But OH well, these are SUCH tough Times??? Eh No???

I mean where are all of those Movement Conservatives to go these days??? I mean it's not like they can run off and join the armed forces and take out their aggressions attacking unarmed women and children in some third world country.....
Tags: vochas, war

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