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And this is News How?

VIRGINIA BEACH, Vir. - Calling the shooting deaths of Michael and Cathryn Borden "the home schooling movement's very own Columbine," televangelist Pat Robertson urged parents who home school their children to install metal detectors in their houses.

The Bordens, both 50, who home schooled each of their five children, resided near the Amish-country village of Lititz, Pennsylvania. Early Sunday morning David G. Ludwig, 18, who had been dating the Bordens' fourteen-year-old daughter, Kara Beth, shot and killed her parents over a curfew dispute.

"We can no longer afford to assume every home schooled pupil walks with Jesus in his heart," said Robertson. "The presence of a metal detector in the Bordens' home might have prevented this tragedy."

[ cf Home School Movement Needs Metal Detectors, Says Pat Robertson]
Could the Reverend have missed the point here?

Why do you think GOD invented Crew Serviced Weaponry, Artillery, Claymores, Grenades and RPGs that the evil liberal gun grabbers won't allow GOD's People to have to protect them from Evil Doing Evil Doers.... Clearly with the right type of artillery fire, the Bordens would have been able to protect their family from an 18 year old who clearly was a pro Al-Qaeda Satanic Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Marriage Initiative Supporting Cyborg Pilot of the Iraqi Flying Saucers Bent Upon Imposting Excessive Governmental Regulation on The Free Market That Won The Cold War, and could win the WhateverOnWhomever if it were not for the defeatist elements who oppose the Divinity of Dubya as the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands.

Americans really NEED to support the President to Support The Republican Guard so that evil liberal gun grabbers like the Televangilist Pat Robertson doesn't go soft on the WhateverOnWhomever.

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