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ZOMGZ - the Indictments.....

Seven police officers were indicted Thursday by a grand jury investigating the shooting deaths of two young men on a bridge during the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the district attorney's office said.

Details on the charges and the names of the indicted were not immediately released.

At the time of the slayings, authorities said the two were killed in a gun battle with police, but the circumstances were murky.

[ cf 7 Officers Indicted in Katrina Shootings ]

Wow, this could get majorly seriously OUT OF HAND if the court system goes crazy about indicting people who are shooting people because the government had Collapsed, and no one knows if there IS any more law and order left, let alone whether there will ever be a new Barter Town as a basis for rebuilding society upon....

For those keeping track:
The victims were Ronald Madison, a 40-year-old mentally retarded man, and James Barsett, 19. The coroner said Madison was shot seven times, with five wounds in the back.
[ cf Police Officers Indicted in New Orleans ]
ZOMGZ - and in the back...

That should teach folks that when charging a defensive position, do not do it by backing up on them...

Meanwhile, the Radical Extremists are Like Totally Getting Out of Hand on this one:
"We cannot allow our police officers to shoot and kill our citizens without justification like rabid dogs," District Attorney Eddie Jordan said.
[ cf 7 New Orleans officers indicted in post-Katrina slayings ]
HELLO!!! There were possible Zombies Out There!!!

I mean, don't these Radical Extremists know that this sort of Radical Left Wing Anti-War Anti-Americanism sends the WRONG MESSAGE TO OUR ENEMIES!!! that some how americans are no longer willing and able to just go slaying and slaughter like the Biblical Commands, as they come into the Land and Destroy Men, Women, And Children, so that there will be none to oppose the New Gods!!!

Also there is
"As a wise man once said, a district attorney can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich," said Franz Zibilich, attorney for officer Robert Faulcon, who is charged with murder. "They heard only one side of the story."

After hearing weeks of testimony, the grand jury deliberated for two hours today before issuing the charges. The foreman of the panel, Lee Madare, declined to comment in detail as he left the courthouse but asked a reporter, "Do you understand the word coverup?"

( op cit )

This could be the surprise Break Out Story for 2007, and may help define the context for the whole "Name the 2007 National Day Of Torture" Contest, as americans work out whether they want to support the President To Support the Shooters!!! OR are they going to align themselves with the Space Aliens and Iranian Flying Saucers!
EdNote: { you freaks want the really scary part - so far the Web Entries I have cited, all blame AP and/or Michael KunzelMan of the AP, but for some reason these bits and bobs are not coming out all in one news article, gosh, but that is an interesting insight into how diversified the whole Main Stream Media has become, where we can read about the same news story in multiple places, by the same guy, and get multiple takes on the same story... gosh but that is, so, well, beyond the dark Days of the Days Before... }
Makes one wonder...

What would really happen in america, if there were a break down in the social order....

You know, like as if Nancy Pelosi were to take over the House Of Congress, or something totally Dark and sinister....

You know, bringing the War Back Home, and all of that Jazz... Would americans want to know what it took to irradicate the infestation of anti-state elements who were engaged in their Anti-Americanisms???
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