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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The Agro Threat )

An h/t to velochicdunordfor Still have crappy cold where she raises Thomas F. Pawlick's book The End Of Food which suggests that there are core structural failures involved with the current Industrial Food Creation System that fails to take into account the problems of 'micro-nutrients' that are not being put back into the soil....

Makes one wonder what would happen were we to return to a more Biblical Basis for Crop Mangement rather than the current NeoConn Backed AgroBiz with all of it's God Hating America Bashing.... Hum...

Update: an interesting article Thomas Pawlick and the End of Food - Gremolata Interview by Malcolm Jolley, which may help folks start thinking about which part of their Diet for a Small Planet Institute they are willing to support, and which part are they just majikally wishing that the Great War Lords^H^H^H^H^H President will keep on bombing the They, Them, Those Types, so that we can keep on staying the course...
Tags: bomb_canada

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