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Got Gooder Plan???

President Bush said on Thursday he was making "good progress" in coming up with a fresh strategy on Iraq, as he met with top advisers at his Texas ranch.
[ cf Bush making "good progress" on new Iraq plan ]
and we should parse that as:
  • More Stay The Course As Always!
  • The same way we do the good progress making in Iraq itself.
Or are we just suppose to make Cute Noises, now that the Hip Hop Dance Tune Is "realist" a la:
Inheriting the end of the unpopular Vietnam War, former President Gerald R. Ford sought commonsense solutions to heal the nation. But Americans were cool toward his offers of amnesty to draft deserters and his pleas for millions in aid for the Vietnamese people.

As Saigon was about to fall in April 1975, Ford called the events there tragic. But he also told students at Tulane University that the fall of South Vietnam "portends neither the end of the world nor of America's leadership in the world."

[ cf Ford Remembered As a Realist ]
and so we should be offering Dubya those Special Olympic Medals for his efforts to be special!!!

You know, because someone else is going to come along and once again clean up the mess that he has made.
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