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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The Making Light Threat )

Oh Mien Gott Im Himmel!!!!
December 20, 2006: “Currently there are no active or reserve Army combat units outside of Iraq and Afghanistan that are rated as ‘combat ready.’”

At least we’ll finally get health insurance.

[ cf January 2007: United States Conquered by Canada; Pockets of Resistance Quickly Suppressed ]
We KNEW they were Sneeky Bastards!!!!

A sheltie Head tip goes out to tomscud for his Evil North Korea's foreign policy explained which dealt with only an obscure sub-text in this HORROR!!!

{ things we want for Epiphany: "bomb canada: The War Video" - you know, with like Hot Babes, with Electronic Voices supporting the President to Support The Troops, a la After all - Delerium }
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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