drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

A brief flow of History

In the Sixties and the Nixon Era, I was asking, "So why exactly are you guys pro-war as long as someone else goes in your place????"

In the rest of the seventies the concern was about the rise of 'theological fascism' under the guise of "headship and submission" to provide the correct leadership for the "jesus movement types" - ah yes, made all the more comical, because of course the "vast right wing religious conspiracy" would elect Carter....

The eighties saw three major themes
  • But Greed IS STILL A SIN, it is not Good
  • So why exactly are you guys pro-war as long as someone else goes in your place????
  • You so may not want to spear yourself with that 'draft dodger' question
Ah yes, and there was that fun change in dance music, and the deep and growing fear that the Red Hordes were SERIOUSLY going to cheese monkey surrender the cold war and ditch out on their contractual obligations to be the Evil Empire, For EVER!!!!

The nineties was a slightly more happier time, as the fun of watching the Holy Wars between "vi v. emacs" and the various lesser variations on the Divine Struggle in OS's.... But it was also a Most Unpleasant time as the NeoCon Crowds were gathering to Whine about how they could have, would have, should have won the vietnam Thingus Of Pooh, while at the same time explaining that it was the "Free Market" system, that won the cold war, and that there was no actual involvement from the members of the american armed forces and/or the intelligence community... And yes, they were still not working out that dialectic any more than the comedy of the whole "draft dodger" crisis....

And now we arrive in the More Modern Time, and what do we have???

Gosh, the same old story, and most of it is not a fight for love and glory, a la Casablanca, but the same old, gosh have we not see this whole
So why exactly are you guys pro-war as long as someone else goes in your place????
makes me just look forward to the next decade, and the ongoing Heroic And Glorious Tales about how they could have, should have, would have won the Whatever On Whomever, but of course, <InsertDemonicForceHere> intervened and prevented them, because, well gosh, they were giving all of the Gooder Billets to the Minorities...

Granted of course, americans will finally have to pay the cost of this UnFunded War just like they did the last ones.... and gosh, this time we have so squandered so much more Political, ethical, and legal capital simply to make the VOCHAS feel like they have a bigger divine right to whine about how they could have, should have, would have....

What was truman's line, that the only thing we learn from history is the parts of history we did not know...
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