drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why are So Many NeoCons who did not serve scared of Those of Us Who Did?

The question is really fairly simple, fairly straight ahead, and not really that complicated.

I can understand that they are traumatized that they stilll have not been able to get up off of sitting on their faces so that they can follow their rhetorical devices into the armed forces - but that really should not be an excuse for being afraid of those of us who served in the armed forces. I mean we put our trousers on just like alll other human beings. It's not like we have Laser Death Ray Eyes that will burn them to cinders for any of their myriad acts of apostasy against their False Idol the Mythological Veteran that they all hold as some holy and religious token.

Or is that really the problem here.... When they find out that Veterans are Humans, they have this full on crisis of faith, and are afraid that, gosh, if they followed through with their rhetorical devices, well, golly then they would wind up as Mass Murderers. since they have lost faith in their False Idol.... and they are just too afraid to actually get up off of their faces and do even that much, since, well gosh, it would be less cost effective than actually being a Paid Professional Killer In The American Armed Forces.

So what is it with all of the WannaBeWarHeroes who are always trying to do things to protect the veterans community from the likes of themselves...

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