drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Cat Video v. Main Stream Media

Hum, somewhat of a scary question that Media Matter raises in Cat videos -- unlike NBC News -- don't impart conservative misinformation, and the specific Kitty Vid of course makes it really a tough row to hoe for the Main Stream Media Types....

Ah yes, which should we be dealing with.... Hum....

What if there were real Issues that Americans need to face and deal with, if they wish to actually retain a free republic, one in Substance, and not merely in name only....

But then again, doesn't that question rank right up there with the whole Problem of whether or not "it is as if America Were Attacked" - especially now that americans can not really remember which of their postures they have been holding about the whole Whatever On Whomever...

Do american really want to keep their Republic???
Tags: media, war

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