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Under Aged Jezzebels For National Security!!!!

Upon reflection, I must Officially side against the Dark Evils of Anti-Americanism spewed by the Evil substitute in his recent rant WOTD: "Princesstute" since clearly, as the Evil Doing Evil Doers Are Evil! And Doing! And ERS!!!
The dollar may fall for a second consecutive day against the yen and euro before U.S. reports that are forecast to show consumer confidence dropped and existing home sales slowed.

Signs of weakening growth may boost speculation the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates next quarter, dimming the allure of dollar-denominated assets. The U.S. currency has dropped 9.7 percent this year versus the euro as investors bet the Fed will trail the European Central Bank in raising borrowing costs.
The U.A.E. is among oil exporters including Iran, Venezuela and Indonesia that are looking to shift their reserves into euros or price the commodity in the 12-nation currency.
The U.A.E. will switch 8 percent of its foreign-exchange reserves from dollars into euros before September, U.A.E. Central Bank Governor Sultan Bin Nasser al-Suwaidi said during a Dec. 24 interview in Abu Dhabi. The U.A.E. has started ``in a limited way'' to sell part of its dollar reserves, he said.

[ cf Dollar May Drop Versus Yen Before U.S. Consumer, Housing Data ]
Got Dollars???

Pre-Teen Hussies with Talent!!!
which may well be all that most nice upper middle class types have left when they are Renting those Armed Forces to protect themselves from the Inevitable Onslaught that will Always come about when the Evil Doing Evil Doers Do Evil!!!

( there is a lovely PDF PsychoHorror here that attempts to Pimp the "freedom in Peril" mythos, but forgets that there are some deeper issues it is Ducking!!! )

All of which helps all TRUE Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Type remember that when the Angels of the Lord came unto Soddom and Gommorah Lot was willing to Give Up his Unmarried daughters to the crowd!!! So now more than ever Folks NEED to be willing to take their Biblically Literalists Approach To Keeping America American And Safe From The Bad People!!!! So turn your under aged Jessebel into a painted Faced Trollip, you know, For Reasons Of National Security!!!
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