drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Gerald Ford Crisis

Some Might argue that one should not Politicise the Funeral of a passing President. Some issues therein might have been defendable in a Failed Liberal Pre-911 Culture, before all knew the Greatness of Great Leader, but are these such days???

Can America Slink back to the Time BEFORE all things Changed, and keep on hoping that no one else will notice??? Would that even BE an american way to deal with the Fiasco that has beset the Nation, and that it has been out sourcing around the world, in it's efforts to Improve the Terror Back Home....

I of course look back on The Ford Daze, with a mixed set of emotions, since this was the first time we had allowed A President to Pardon anyone who had not yet actually been convicted of a Crime - a point that remains somewhat Problematic for those of us who still like the American Legal System - but there is a humanitarian argument that can be put forward that such was needed to allow the nation to heel from the dark days of the Nixon Era, and the sheer Hysteria of the WackJobs that the nation needed to be Forced, Kicking And Screaming into being a Military Police State so that we could win against the Enemy!!!

Back then of course, everyone was SERIOUSLY FRIGHTENED that at any moment the Vietnamese Flying Saucers Might Come Lurking Over the Horizon and America had been left defenseless, and alone, and in the dark, where we were abandoned, unloved, and uncared for, by a cruel and vicious world of Hedonistic Liberals who were all out Hopping And Bopping With Hippie Chicks, rather than Preparing to Stop the Brutal Onslaught Of Vietnamese Flying Saucers... Gosh, sorta like today, but back then the american troops had been allowed to escape from the Nation where the USofA had built the largest Embassy complex... Who knows, it is still possible that the American Troops can come home, if they can only learn to Vietnamize Iraq like Nixon had....

Ah yes, the Fun Filled And Exciting Seventies, why the very basis for "that seventies show", which, gosh, would never have been possible without the Wonder Years of The Ford Administration - never mind that the Evil Leftist Leaning Defeatists of the Republicans For Nixon Crew would whine out of the Kansas City Massacre, having failed to get the GOP Nod for their Ray Gunn, so the nation was forced to live under the Repressive Jack Boot of Jimmy Carter, whom the Vast Right Wing Religious Konspirakii Had Installed. Ah yes, if ONLY the RayGunnItes would have stayed loyal to the Party, rather than following all of that Billy Beer, we would have seen the Wonder of WIN ( Whip Inflation Now ) get the nation over the hump that was the economic falteral that comes when one has to do a Massive Devaluation of One's Currency because of an Unfunded war - that one was in South East Asia, unlike the Massively Unfunded War in South West Asia we are in today - which may at some point lead to thee same, gosh, economic realism, as with the reality of economics back in the Ford Days.

Yes, Yes, Yes.... I know that this borders on the Red Socialist Dogma that Facts are in the Public Domain and are not the Private Personal Property of the Great Leader!!! Which of course, is almost as bad as the whole HORROR of the evil liberal "Certified Pre-Owned Facts" that have been wandering around in the Grey Market of Ideas that panders to the typical Reality Based Community - but one does have to wonder, what ARE we really suppose to be learning from the Ford Years??? And the current Collection of Speach Utterance Behaviors by those who are hoping that no one really gets bogged down worrying about the Facts, since we arer Still Facing the Evil They Them Those Types, who are all out there, everywhere, trying to be evil and bad!!! And thus we must expand the imperial powers of the War President to protect us from the Mounting Threat of a Failure of Will to Nuke First and Ask Questions Later to Defend the Dollar Hegomony!!!

Ah yes, if Only the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp had been allowed to Openly win the Vietnam War, then none of this would be a problem, since the Great American Flying Sauccere Corps would have rampaged north through peping to Moscow, to make the world Safe for Dollar Hegomony!!!

Oh those wicked wicked losers who were just not willling to support the Biblical Slaying And Slewing that would have been a part of the whole restoration of our White Christian America from the dark and gloomy days of the evil doing evil doers who were so unamerican as to demand that we be a nation of Law and not of Persons!!!

Good Bye Gerald, you really did do more than Give us Chevey Chase...

For a while there, you allowed us to kick back and just be americans as americans, without all of the need for the slaying and slewing...

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