drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Ongoing Problems of Professional Courtesies.

One of my dear, and demented friends, had way too much fun in the clinton era, and was inclinde to ask
Does this mean the band is getting back together?
everytime that the clinton administration would accidentally bomb some nation. My friend understood that my work in the software development work is my 'day job', and that I have certain unresolved and open issues about being a Professional Killer. Over the seasons folks who know me have come to understand that I have VERY STRONG FEELINGS about the Profession of Killing, and that I WANT THE SCABS OUT! If you do NOT have a Union Card, YOU DO NOT GET TO KILL PEOPLE!
A quick chorus of 'look for the union label
So I have less problems with the general IWW approach to these matters than many so called republicans and alleged conservatives.

Amongst the Ironies has been swapping email with former members of the Red Army who felt a bit betrayed that while they had their asses in the weed up in Afghanistan, there were the 'fortunate sons' back home in Mother Russia who were porking bertha of the kokholz with their 'exemption' from military service. In the ninties we got reports that NLF guerrila's who had been handed up as raw meat to the Americans when the Frap Hit The Shan during Tet '68 so that NVA Regular Units could bug out safely were getting the Big High Hard One from the Hanoi Regime - who did not want to recognize them as Vets of the great patriotic War. So Yeah, when I talk WOBBLIE about the Profession of Killing, I do not go there lightly.

Which of course leads me into the quandery that came up yesterday.

As a Professional courtesy, does that mean, as, well, uhm, we can be honest about it, an Amateur, am I Scabbing in the Sex Industry? Or is there really room in their space for the sort of 'do it yourself' projects that I do not want to Allow in the Domain Of Killing. He said somewhat sheepishly.... because, well, uh... What is Sauce For The Goose, IS sauce for the Gander... And I am not sure I want to give up on my favorite indoor sport....

There are some down sides to being drieuxish... One of them is bumping one's head on the interesting intellectual issues that others may not step back and notice...


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