drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Institutionalizing the Secret Trials...

What DO you have to be Franz Kafka to Understand?
Although the Pentagon estimates that no more than 80 of the 400 or so terrorism detainees here will ever be tried, it is moving forward with plans for a $125-million legal complex.

Air Force Col. Morris Davis, chief prosecutor of the suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters, says he expects to file charges against 10 to 20 prisoners soon after new trial rules are presented to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates next month.

[ cf Guantanamo needs courthouse, Pentagon says ]
There use to be a name for that....

Hum, when a government sends persons off to secret detention facilities without any rule of law engaged about the process, and then spends money to build up a Court House, so that the few cases for which there will be any form of Show Trial will get the full on Red Hollywood Treatment.

Ok, so:
Kabuki Theatre Does GitMo Law
could work as a basic back drop for the prime time series - comeplete with Hot Masculine Male Love as we Watch The Throbbing Love Interest Of Interersting Lovers Love the Love that can Only Be Loved In a Secret Detention Facility where by day they play act as if they are Really Butch Legal Types...

You know, Show them the Love, and all of that...

Oh well, thank god it is not like anyone is worried what Might Happen if the American Dollar Hegomony were to crack and the Nation were to land in recievership...
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