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Can Americans Afford To Abandon The Secret Government?

Republican rule on Capitol Hill drew to an exhausted end just before dawn on Dec. 9 after lawmakers dispatched a pile of bills that few had read and even fewer had helped write. Democrats say the era of such chaotic and secretive legislating came to a close as well.
[ cf With Promises of a Better-Run Congress, Democrats Take on Political Risks ]
But WHY, oh WHY!!!!! should congress stab our valiant fighting forces in the back!!!!

Clearly with the growth in the Secret Trials, for which Enemies Of The State can not challenge the right of the Government to Try Them, nor to challenge the vallidity of evidence presented that was obtained under torture, americans understand that Secrecy IS job One in our New and Improved New World Order!!!!

Clearly if Congress wants to contineu running legislative Agenda in Public, then The ENEMY WILL ALSO KNOW!!!

Very Few Americans Appreciate the Bold And Courageous Leadership of Great Leader who has yet to give even so much as a HINT as to why there may or may not be american troops in Iraq who are engaged in any actual military style Operations!!! And that CLEARLY keeps the Enemy Off Balance as they are never too sure IF there are actual american troops in Iraq!!!!! { Save of Course For all of that "aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war" stuff that goes on in the Evil Liberal Media where they keep reporting that there may well be american troops in Iraq conducting Military Style Operations. }

So why should the Congress ABANDON the Commitment of Rule By Secrecy FOR Secrecy!!!

Where IS their Patriotism!!!
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