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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The Florida Quandery )

Year after year Florida proves it's a weird state and 2006 was no different.

And that's beyond the headlines made by famous residents like Rush Limbaugh (arrested on a prescription drug charge) and O.J. Simpson (criticized for his supposedly hypothetical story of how he would have killed his ex-wife). The icon of the 2000 presidential recount - Katherine Harris - also got into unusual news: she left her U.S. House seat only to see the election to replace her end up in a recount.

Weird is just part of Florida, and strange stuff seemingly happens every day in just about any part of the state: an elderly woman fighting off an alligator, a drug dealer making his pitch to uniformed officers, a state senator convicted of a felony and then filing a bill to restore felons' voting rights.

[ cf 2006 was another strange year in Florida ]
Remind me again, please, what was so bad about that whole SF Values thing....

I mean READ the freaking story and ask yourself, Would YOU want those type of People to move into the neighborhood near you? your children? Your Pets!!! Your Shrubbery!!! It is Florida that brought us:
A bill that would automatically return voting rights to felons after they complete their sentences has been introduced by a Florida legislator who is still in office even though he is a convicted felon.

The bill introduced Thursday by state Sen. Gary Siplin would change the state's long-standing constitutional ban on felon voting. Now, a felon's rights can only be restored by the state's clemency board, which must hear each case in a process that can take months or years.

Florida is one of just three states - all in the South - that don't automatically restore voting rights after completion of a sentence, said Senate Minority Leader Steven Geller.

[ cf Convicted lawmaker wants felons to vote ]

Clearly We MUST Bomb Canada Now, to protect our American Way of Life!!!!
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