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One News Story, One Journalist...

Gosh, it is so funny tracking through Google News ( here ) about how The Iraq Death Toll Is greater than the 9/11 Death Toll and noticing how many places are simply sending out larry McShane's AP article on the subject.

Could it be that americans have forgotten how the Iranian Flying Saucers Attacked American on 09/11 and how the President really wanted to Win Against Iran Now (WAIN) but the Evil Liberal Media Drum Beaters for War FORCED the president to be the dupe of the UN One Worlders and attack Iraq, so that Iranian Back Islamist Extreemists would over-run Iraq and turn it into a swirling CessPool of Persons who Openly Support The President's Policy On Torturing Anyone, Anywhere, in any old Secret Torture Centre!!!

Or have americans finally rolled on past that, and now, that whole 9/11 thing is merely the Evil Viral Marketting of Radical Left Wing Pinko Commie Fag Extremists in the Red Hollywood Elites who want to pander their Movie Projects because they do not have what it takes to make a Better Not-Gay Superman Returns Movie.

Which way to the Progress is Progressive, and the Future Is Futuristic Section...

I mean, where will american's stand IF they ever wake up and notice that it could have been just like as if the United States of America Had been Attacked On 09/11/2001, why gosh, mostly like the time before that one, when the Evil Blind Cleric had lead a more less successful attack on the same building.... Or should we just skip past all of that unpleasant past history, and embrace the Happier Side Of Life, as we are Happily aware that it is not like a whole Bunch of Buildings in America are targetted by God Hating America Bashers, like the still ongoing War Against Womyn's Clinics, which would be a serious problem, gosh, if it were terrorism, and not merely the inevitable follow through of the Argument From Intelligent Design that sometimes one just has to keep on bombing a few more places for Jesus, or the Ferringn Devils will take that French Propoganda On the statute of Liberty Seriously about the
Tired, Huddling Masses...
and well those folks will be confused that No Real God Fearing Red Blooded All American White Christianist actually supports any of that Radical Frenchist Dogma!!!

Most like, in the final analysis, most americans will just hope that it all goes away, and that there is still something good on TV to watch.... You know, My Sparkling Pretty Pony with the Zel Miller laser Death Ray Eyes!!!
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