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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The SF Meme )

For those who have not yet been following along at home, let us wake up to the HIGH DOPE:
What, is Starship Troopers the Atlas Shrugged of warbloggers?
[ cf comment to NYT Review Fallout ]
and yes, for me that is another 'scary, scary, scary solstice' kinda moment...

Although Mad Props do go out for:
>apparently authors getting bent out of shape with reviews is the new black
Dude... Aren't we supposed to say "African American" or did I miss a memo?

No, I'm not obtuse, I'm playing obtuse.

( op cit, Joel Finkle comment )
It is almost comically amusing to watch this grand international debate about what would otherwise be a tempest in a Tea Pot, but, tragically, there are too many troops running round in 'hostile fire pay zones' and various "Missle Rattlers" we all want to have someone nuking someone else to protect some folks from a real or imagined threat that someone could get nuked.....

Ed Note: (Hum... is there some sort of "you can Poke Your Eye Out With That Nuclear Missile!!!!" meme that is the actual sub-text of A Christmas Story that can be punched up in re-write, so that the Nice Folks Next Xmas will be more Power Motivated to make sure that no matter what we do not accidentally get the kid a new "red Ryder Rocket Of Planetary Death" kit for Xmas.

If You know what I mean
And meanwhile, the British are breaking up secret torture centres managed by rogue elements of the secret police in their military Tactical Area Of Responsibility, as if this were some sort of Super Duper Extra Special Made For the TV News Networks MemeDuJure Viral Marketting of Children Of Men that opened in the USofA on Xmas, in the more art house kinda places, and is the transportation of a SciFi Story to the Big Screen, and might need additional leverage along the way that ONLY The British Royal Army can provide in their Heroic Crusade In Iraq against people who want Iraq to fall to the Iraqi's....

Is it finally time to just step up to the plate and admit that it is SOOOO time to send reality back to Re-Write until the plot, and characters therein, make better sense, so that we can more effectively pre-position the product placement portion!!!

You don't think our valiant Fighting Forces are dying overseas for anything less than the best possible Product Placement In An International MegaBlockBuster Merchandizing Monster SciFi Film!!!!!

Or was that suppose to be that it is really just just one more 28 Days Later but every Month. Month after Month, After Month....
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