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Torture? In Iraq???

Hey, check this out:
British troops supported by Iraqi forces raided a Basra prison unit [UK MOD press release] early Monday morning, freeing 127 prisoners detained in squalid conditions by a rogue Basra police squad suspected of torturing its prisoners. Following the raid, UK military spokesman Maj. Charles Burbridge said the serious crimes unit of the southern section of Basra was a front organization whose true purpose was to commit crimes and to execute the enemies of rebel cleric Moktada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army [Globalsecurity.org backgrounder], which dominates much of Basra. Burbridge said the prisoners were freed from inhumane conditions, and that many exhibited signs of torture, including crushed extremities, cigarette flesh burns, and gunshot wounds to the arms and legs. Seven gunmen were killed by the Iraqi and British forces during the three-hour raid, with no British casualties.

British troops raided the same Basra prison [JURIST report] in September 2005 to free two British soldiers who had been captured and detained by the serious crimes unit. The New York Times has more. BBC News has additional coverage.

[ cf British troops free 127 prisoners from Basra prison in raid ]

Now do we support the British for attacking our Iraqi Allies, because of our support for the British Support For Amnesty International that opposes the use of Torture to repress dissidence????

Or are we still opposed to the British, and their Radical Leftist Leaning God Hating America Bashing policy of opposing the American Staunch Stand, to stay the course, on the need to be able to torture whom ever we want, wherever we want, when ever we want, with or without using american torturers.

Gosh, now which was the Real Position that the Pro-War Crowd has always held in these matters???

And as I always like to ask them,
Do you like sodomizing the underage boys or the underaged girls as a part of your HeManManlyMaleMasculineMachoManlyMaleManlyneff approach to breaking down the defeatist elements?

Or are you just ambidextrious on those Information Gathering methods...
Or are we suppose to just be whistling Dixie right now hoping that there are never ever going to be any complications and issues that would actually need to be dealt with as more than merely the rhetorical posturing...

What IF americans had to actually take a moral stand???
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