drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Another Horrifying Xmas Horror....

what can I say, went up to hang out with my Evil Liberal Friends in SF, and they tried to teach me,
Axial Tilt
IS the reason for the season
And in keeping with their Athisticalist Ways had decided that having a happy winter solstice time for a traditonal gift giving festival was good enough without having to bog it down with anything more complex than
It IS a Federal Holiday,
So you can Support the Holiday To Support The Troops,
Or YOU are on the side of the IkkyPoohperHeads!!!
I of course, personally, would have included at least a reference to
  • Iranian Flying Saucers
  • The Evil Nancy Pelosi Demonic Vodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair
  • Tax Cuts!!!! Tax Cuts!!!! Tax Cuts
You know, so that it was much more, well, american!!!!

I mean we wouldn't Want Xmas to fall into the waste land of mere Heathen Alien Kult Rituals that Aliens were involved in, now would we???

Needless to say I organized to hang out with my modestly more Saner Friend on Xmas Day, as we shared about the deep inner symbolism of the Era, and the trajik Horror that things had been better than the year before, but that there were still scars... We of course felt that it would be better to do the south bay, and the weather reports were for rain in the north bay.... So we cruised around, and could not find any place that was both open, and was a place we would want to eat at.... Until we opted for Castro in Mountain View, and of course, the CORRECT PRACTICE, of the nice Turkish Place!!! But we stopped off in the nice chinese place across the way, picked up all sorts of nuts and bricka bracka and some extra maple syrup, you know, in the Anglo-Section...

The fall back plan was to make Belgian Waffles, because they are clearly MORE GeoMetrically Corrector Than Thou, which of course is ideologically Imperative in these Grim And Difficult Times...

after a charming Donner Salad, and the giggle moment, that the nice young lady, and her friend, who are on staff at the Turkish Restaurant in Sunnyvale, were out doing lunch in Moutain View, and my dear friend tried to invite them along since we were going to watch films...

I of course was a tad bit maudlin, since we do not have any of the Traditional Films for the season,
  • The Nightmare Before Xmas
  • Scrooged
  • Hand Maiden's Tale.
So instead we opted out for the amusement suite:
  • Charlie Chan At The Opera
  • Clerks II (not widescreen)
  • The Last Samurai
Since, well I had been aiming towards "a night at the opera" with the Marx Brothers, but the KOMMUNISTS who sold me the Marx Brother Set FAILED to include that one, and since I had picked up the Clearks II, and FAILED to notice that it was not the wide screen version, it was the TOTAL COMEDY that it was how I would want it to be as it showed up on Broadcast Tv - hey, a boy can dream, you know, of a Happier, Kinder, Gentler Time, after the Great Holy Wars, when the Christianists have all decided to Immigrate to the Great Lands To The West, because, well, gosh, they really want to go where Frodo Has Never Gone Before....

The choice of Last Samurai, is, well, a technical complication, and an effort to show that I am willing to engage in a little compromise, since I love the movie in spite of the unpleasant side effect that they got that Kultist Wack Job to show up and work the gig.... And let us behonest, I dislike his Schmarm Factor LONG before it was cool to wonder why the Department Of Homeland Security had not rounded up his insanity and shipped it off to Gitmo to grind all of the Anti-Americanism out of his ill begotten unAmericanisms....

needless to say we had Belgian Waffles, and enjoyed the films, and the ongoing Darkness And Gloom that settles on such a Winter's Night when the Axial Tilt Obliges the sun to stay away, because it no longer likes us any more because of the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!! Who are Evil! And Doing!!! And ERS!!!!

{ now available on T-Shirts.... }

Ah yes, it is just NOT a Season, until you have seen the first book on "The Christmas Menorah", and the inevitable need to point out that there is a Wiki Entry on Mass but there is none for "Mas", and hence, the TRUE Kultic Religionist Holy Crusade Against the Evil Doing Evil Doers would of course be about restoring the second "S" so that it was Officially the state sponsored Dogma of "Christa Mass" vice "Christmas", and hence that we must Arm Ourselves for the slaying and slewing of the Unbelievers in a Strict Biblical Literalist Way as is consistent with the whole ANGST about "homosexuals" that is so grounded in a Firm Old Testament Concern about being able to be all that we can be in the Coming Ethnic Cleansing of the Land to keep it pure and Holy....

You know, rather than the sort of Woosie, Mamby Pamby, Pablum Puking Wankage about "putting the Christ back into Xmas" so that it would sould like a "christmas" and NOT a "Christ Mass" and hence, the sort of leftist Liberal State Sponsored Wishy Washy Religionist Civic Cult that does not have the Power And Strength to slay and slew Men, Women And Children, in an Old Testament Taking the Land Biblical Literalism, that will keep ones own protected in the Coming Most Holyiest Of Holy Wars against the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!! Who are Evil! And Doing!!! And ERS!!!!

{ now available on T-Shirts.... At seasonal Discount Prices!!! own yours today, operators standing by! And Remember, Anything Less, and the TERRORISTS WIN!!!! }

So Remember Folks!!! Today is Boxing Day, and it is TIME to show the Heathenists that we are not a collection of Cut And Runner Appeasing Kapitulationist Defeatists and that we are morer than willing to wade into those hard corp shopping crowds to do our Slaying And Slewing to show the Chinese That we are UNAFRAID of a new Boxer Rebellion against our Divine Rights to Extra-Territoriality!!!!! So GET OUT THERE AND SHOP!!!!!

Or The Iranian Flying Saucers Will RETURN!!!!

{ also available on T-Shirts.... At seasonal Discount Prices!!! own yours today, operators standing by! And Remember, Anything Less, and the TERRORISTS WIN!!!! }

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