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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - ( The St. Mel Fiasco )

Oh dear Me, there are wars, pestilence, Fire, Famine, and the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA MEATPUPPETS are reporting on
The morning heist in Flushing, Queens, yesterday seemed too bad to be true.

It happened at the Church of St. Mel during the 9 a.m. Christmas Mass, which was said in Italian. The parishioners had helped fill the safe in the sacristy with something north of $20,000, including money for needy children. The thieves, according to police and witness accounts, opened the safe, and lugged a heavy metal box with the money to a white sport utility vehicle with Vermont license plates.

[ cf Church Is Robbed During Christmas Mass ]
But there IS an upside here, eh no????

It shows that while the start of the Christianist Insurrection may be upon us, with the inevitable slaying and slewing, that follows after the massive weapons purchases that are doable, after the armed robberies, there is this, well, Cute Sense Of Irony in the target of the Funding Operations....

God but this gives that Xmas Season HOPE that while the Christianist Insurrection may turn into the usual bloody third world "ethnic" cleansing festival of free running blood in the street!!! It's not like they have lost any of that 30 Minute Sit Com Since of amusement about it all.

And the gag about Vermont, the First Socialist, nee COMMUNIST, strong hold of the Brutal Jack Boots Of Canadianist Onslaught, I mean, that is Like Just TOOO PRECIOUS!!!

So let us all gather together around the burning Hulk of the Anti-Co-Religionist Structure in your neighborhood, and call upon Great Leader to once again Unite the Nation by bombing Canada!!!!
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