drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And the Great Leader Swims The Yellow River....

So, gosh, as Great Leader, again, prepares the nation for the Great Long March To Total Glorious And Victorious Victory of Victories, which of course will only occur after his decision to step down from power and pass the baton to the next fool who will want to clean up that mess, we all have to wonder....

How exactly does this new and Improved Great Long March To Total Glorious And Victoroious Victoryh of Victories differ from the last time we were doing this whole "Great Leader Swims The Yellow River" routine.

Are The VOCHAS really going to hop up and join the show? Nope.

Are We really going to put the nation on a War Economy to support the War??? Nope.

Are we going to declare an actual state of War, and not merely a state of allowing the president to embark on which ever "restoring the wetlands" project that is not a 'nation building' project???? Nope.

So basically the bottom line of the WHOLE NOVEMBER KABUKI DANCE has been that we did the pretense of being a democratically elected government, and now nothing will be any different than the last time around...

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss....
Tags: war

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