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In a December 18 article headlined "U.S. Sends Home 33 Detainees From Guantanamo Bay," The Washington Post uncritically reported that "the United States is unwilling to release detainees into the custody of nations where they would likely be abused, tortured or killed."
[ cf Contradicting own reporting, Wash. Post asserted that U.S. "unwilling" to send detainees to countries that torture ]
Get So Much More Truthier And Truthier And Truthier!!!

WHY, Gosh!!! Not since the last time the Vast Monolithic Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets supported the positions that they opposed, have we seen them so Supportive of the need to Stop Doing That Which We Do Not Like To Keep On Doing, But We Must Keep On Doing That Until We Are Forced To Stop....

You know, another McCain Madness Moment...
Tags: torture, war

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