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More Baseless Reckless Radical Leftist Assaults on the Administration

This one is probably going to confuse some of the younger generation.
Former U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird says the Bush administration is repeating mistakes in Iraq made by Richard Nixon during the Vietnam war.

Writing in the forthcoming edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, the 83-year-old Laird said the mistakes will lead to public disillusionment and the impression that there is no clear goal for victory or a detailed, well-described plan to bring U.S. troops home.

Laird called on President Bush to begin a phased withdrawal of some troops on a one-for-one plan, in which one U.S. soldier would head home each time one newly trained Iraqi soldier is ready to fight, the Boston Globe reported.

"The war in Iraq is not 'another Vietnam,'" said Laird -- a Republican who served nine terms in Congress from Wisconsin. "But it could become one if we continue to use Vietnam as a sound bite while ignoring its true lessons.

[ cf Science Daily ]
WOW, the radical left dug out Melvin Laird from the Peking Puppet Regime of Tricky Dick!

Sorta scary that this is an article from last month....

But let us put our thinking caps on here for a moment boys and girls. One of the core structural defects in the radical left's opposition to the President remains their baseless assertion that the President HAS a policy on Iraq. This is not something that any of them have actually been able to provide any prooof - it simply remains the mythical chimira that they wish to oppose.

So Until the Radical Left can actually demonstrat the the President HAS a policy on Iraq, they really should just shut up, and accept that they are merely kicking a straw dog.

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