drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got troops????

Hum, so where exactly are these mythological troops going to show up from that are needed to embark on expanding the current fiasco of That Iraqi Thingie Pooh????

Could it be that perchance, gosh, just like we wound up finding the message from both the JCS and MACV, that maybe an 'unequivocal declaration of war' might have been useful to turn the crisis after the '68 Tet Offensive, there is that question before us now, that what would happen if there were a need to get one now???

Oh dear, I'm sorry, some of us from the old school tie brigade actually ASKED FOR THAT prior to committing american troops on this failed "nation building project"... But of course, back then, all the "real War Heroes", the ones who are still yearning to be inducted into the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp, were all clear about how there was no need for an actual declaration of war that would go beyond the funding measures that had also been given to Bill Clinton....

Ah yes, those Halcyon days, back before the Mission Accomplished Disco-Duck Dance, and the rise of Operation Yellow Republican.... Back when MAJIKALLY the troops were just going to fall out of the sky like pretty little Snow Flakes, each one Unique, and an Army Of One!!!

And here we are, in those happyier times, when gosh, it would be so great if only the Karl Rove Armoured FLying Saucer Corp Fan Club had been right....

But fortunately, they now are at least honest that they had never been republicans, or anglicans, or what ever it was that they had been chanting that they were, and now they are which ever is the newer and coolier cult rave fave thing, that is going to be the greatest things EVER!!! the virtual next Josey And The Pussy Cats, but in the new Orange Colour....

And gosh kids, everyone really should start getting all organized, because if History Is Prologue, we are going to keep on hearing for decades to come how they would have, could have, won the WhateverOnWhomever had it not been for Barbarella, or Sin Bad, or the Nancy Pelosi Evil Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair that had prevented them from becoming the Next Greatest War Hero, EVER!!!! Why just like Karl Rove, but only coolio-er and with better graphics and stuff.

For those who can not recall all the way back to the 'vietnam days' - now might be the time to start doing that real comparison - complete with how LBJ used the social security trust fund to 'balance the budget' so that it was not as bad a fiasco in that whole Vietnam Thingie Pooh Thing that the Really Cool Kids, like Tom DeLay would have attended, but they gave all the cool billets to the Negroes - go back and check that one out folks, the HAMMER really dropped that as HIS Excuse... And now we so can all believe that more than ever before....

So why worry about the grand classical comparison to the Punic Wars, or this or that fiasco, some here can remember the complete HORROR of the Seventies that followed in the wake of the collapse of our White Christian America.... Why not follow the simpler and shorter paths....

We could just declare victory and explain how it was all some one else's fault that things had not gone the way that they could have gone, if anyone had been interested in them going that way.... Yeah, and then we can have those Really Coolio 12 Step Programmes to deal with being Victimized that one could not get into the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Corp, because of the Liberals, or the Traitors, Or The TREASON of the eco-terrians....

Gosh, what IF america had been attacked????
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