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Bomb Canada Now! ( The Religious Conversions )

As some are aware we face a growing Abandonment of America by the Various God Hating America Bashers, not the least of which are the Kapitulationist Appeasing Defeatists Cut And Runners who are bailing out in Virginia:
"The Episcopalian ship is in trouble," said the Reverend John Yates, rector of the Falls Church, one of the two wealthy Virginia congregations. "So we're climbing over the rails down to various little lifeboats.

"There's a lifeboat from Bolivia, one from Rwanda, another from Nigeria. Their desire is to help us build a new ship in North America, and design it and get it sailing."

[ cf 2 Episcopal parishes in Virginia vote to secede ]
Now Do NOT get me wrong here....

Just because they want to become Bolivian, Rwandan, or Nigerian, is not a problem - they should be allowed to reject not only their Faith In God, The Bible, And the Anglican Tradition, but they should also be willing to renounce their American Citizenship to become the Registered Foreign Agents of these various Foreign Regimes that have come to destroy our White Christian America because they are unwilling to support the sort of Commitment that Churches SHOULD have during a time of Transferring Our Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!!

In related news we learn
Employees at the China headquarters of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. have set up a Communist Party branch, part of a growing campaign to expand the ruling party’s presence in foreign companies.

The move follows the success of China’s state-sanctioned labor body in setting up unions at Wal-Mart outlets this year. The company is one of China’s biggest and most prominent foreign employers, with a work force of 36,000 and 68 stores.

[ cf Communist Party branch set up at Wal-Mart China headquarters ]

Or are you just one MORE dupe of the Red ChiCom Fellow Travellor "Wal-RedStar-Mart" where the ChiComs are out to destroy our White Christian America!!!

Hum... Koinkidenk Or Konspirakii.... Anglicans become Puppet Toadies of Ferrign Devil Radical Left Wing Extremist Regimes, and Wal Mart is unmasked as a Red Puppet Toady of the Global International Monolithic Red Communist Konspirakii of the Sinister And Satanic Nancy Pelosi who Demonically Controls the Evil Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies Of Despair that have come out from under the Bed and are Rampaging Across our White Christian America with their Gay Marriages Only Mandate of Red Communist IslamoFascism!!!!

I don't Think SO!!!!!!
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