drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got IslamoPhobia???

With the EU warning about a rise in IslamoPhobia, maybe now, more than ever it is time for All True Patriotic Americans to get into the Greatest Of All Possible Holy Crusades EVER!!!!

Yes, do more than MERELy wear the T-Shirt about Stopping the Evil Doing Evil Doers, who are Evil, And Doing, And ERS!!!!! But one can get in on the ground floor as a soon to be greatest Heroicalists Of EVER in the Most Glorious And Victorious of All Victoriously Glorious Of Holy Crusades EVER!!!!

Consult Your True, one and Only, State Sponsored Religionists, as to where one can get their Holy Crusader Uniform and Special Majikal Omlettes, and Green Eggs and Spam, to STOP those Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

Remember, Anything LESS!!!! and the Terrorists WIN!!!!
Tags: war

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