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Why Does Jeb Bush Hate America????

Gov. Jeb Bush suspended all executions in Florida after a medical examiner said Friday that prison officials botched the insertion of the needles when a convicted killer was put to death earlier this week.

Separately, a federal judge in California imposed a moratorium on executions in the nation's most populous state, declaring that the state's method of lethal injection runs the risk of violating the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel ruled in San Jose that California's "implementation of lethal injection is broken." But he said: "It can be fixed."

In Florida, medical examiner Dr. William Hamilton said Wednesday's execution of Angel Nieves Diaz took 34 minutes — twice as long as usual — and required a rare second dose of lethal chemicals because the needles were inserted clear through his veins and into the flesh in his arms. The chemicals are supposed to go into the veins.

[ cf Official says Fla. execution was botched ]

Can there be any clearer and more compelling argument to BOMB CANADA than this totally defeatist appeaser kapitulationist Posturing of ABANDONING the state sponsored murdering of person!!!! Clearly Jeb has decided to hop in bed with the rest of the Radical Left Wing Anti-War GAY MARRRIAGE ONLY gay HomoZeXual Al-Qaeda Cyborg Zombie Pirate Canadianists....

NOW more than EVER American MUST rally to the president to stop this sort of Radical Left Wing Extremism by the Radical Leftists who are not willing to Support Great Leader!!!!
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