drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What IS this new Texas Gun Law Selling???

Dude, Like I am totally convinced that there is some deep inner Symbolism in
In a move that supports the thought that legislators don't pay attention to important issues first comes the state of Texas, where a bill introduced by District 44 State Rep. Edmund Kuempel would allow the legally blind to use a laser hunting scope with a spotter to hunt deer and other game. That's right, the lawmaker wants to put a loaded weapon into the hands of a blind person and let them shoot to their heart's content!

"This bill will open up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that's great," Kuempel said.

[ cf Texas Bill Would Give Blind Right to Hunt ]
and some Pro-Al-QAEda Make GAY MARRIAGE THE ONLY OPTION GROUPIE of course chose a photo of Dubya getting advice on how to shoot while making it look like he is so much more of a down home hunter kinda guy, except for that Deer In The Headlights look that says
Tell Me I sent DICK to do that veterans day speach thingie, and that he is not out here in the weeds somewhere
or some similarly witty Whatever....

All Hail The Goid Guys Because the Bad Guys are BAD!!!

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