drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why SHOULD facts be a part of the process???

it is SOOOO Scary that the Evil People Over at Digby have gone completely bonkers in Why Can't They All Get Along? that there should be some sort of basic fundamental knowledge about the Actual Issues that groups like, oh, the Democratic chairman of the Intelligence Committee, or say House Armed Services should be at least aware of some of the basic sorta stuff - especially if the tax payers are springing a mere $165K per annum for them to know that stuff....

I mean, HELLO!!!! these are the Post-911 Days!!!! We are talking about a time after the whole world changed, when all of that fact based stuff is like, well, so last Millenium.... What is even WORSE is Fashion Police State where these Evil Liberals are whining that the degradation of the nation debate by the Liberal Media Meat Puppet to what the members of congress are wearing, is well, just GAUCHE!!!! These folks need to work out where do they want to Stand!!!!

Should congress KNOW stuff, and be held competent and responsible for stuff, or should we focus on their Fashion Sense, and their ability to get along swimmingly with the really qool kids.... It's not like we are asking these folks to know if the nation is any more at war now than it had been at some other time in the past, nor even if and where we have troops being payed hostile fire pay zone rates, whether or not we are actually at war with those countries, or as we recently learned, with those segments of the USofA where the ProPatria Brigades are willing to Kill American Troops to keep on supporting War Crimes.....

I mean Really Folks, it is a powerfully Difficult World out there and should we really be bothering Congress's Pretty Little Heads with these Big Technical Details??? We didn't bother Tom DeLay, Rick "pretty in pink" Santorum, or Bill Frist when they were in congress, and they showed a whole lot more fashion sense than this new collection of Yahoo's who sooo can not google....

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