drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES the Fed Hate America???

Hum... if they leave the fed over night rate at 5.25% and the rest of the Interest Rate Slope goes DOWN HILL from there, what exactly is the Fed Trying To Talk up here???

Are they growing FEARFUL that the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!! no longer has the Moral Courage to Support Dollar Hegomony with more Pre-emptive retaliatory Nuclear First Strike Enhancement Features???? As the up side alternative to inserting more troops in such countries to restore their WetLands and give them an opportunity to degenerate into the Fun Filled And Exciting Wonderland of Blood, Death, And Destruction!!!!

I mean, where is Fed Chairman Bernanke's Sense of Patriotism, and His WIllingness to Support the Great Leader!!! To Support The Troops????

Can Americans LIVE with this sort of Blatant Kapitulationist Appeasers who are so openly Defeatist Cut And Runners!!!!!

God But their Whiney Types JUST make Me Sick....

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