drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Zionist Bolshivkiki Islamo Fascist Christianist Banking Konspirakii....

These days you can never beeee tooo sure which group believes that God Has Uniquely Called Upon Them to slaughter the Enemies of The State.

I find it rather interesting that in the whole BruHaHa over the so called "christmas tree" that there has yet to be a SINGLE WORD spoken about the ongoing theological WAR between Reformed And Orthodox Druids as to the Moral Purity of being able to Pray At Shrubbs and Garden Vegtable Plots, rather than with the Traditional Large Diciduous Big Burly He Man Manly Male Trees that the More Radical Right Wing Religious Konspirators have been mandating is the One TRUE and ONLY god Given Divine Way to celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival.

Now don't Get me Wrong, I hate THEM and their Vegan Revisionist Trotskyite Puppet Toadies who want to IMPOSE Brochale as the NEW religious Symbolism, and yes, NOTHING on God's Green Earth is more NAUSEATING at this time of the Year, ok, second only to Druish Princesses, than a Reformed Druid getting all Uppity And Militant about the Moral Propriety of Having Tolerance About the acceptability of holding Religious Services At Shrubbery, since any fool can see that this is just MORE of the same Old Gay HomoZexual Austorian Andaluthian Zombie Pirate Canadianist Laplandian Main Force Assault On Our White Christian America since as soon as they can get Shrubbery accepted as a valid Religious Facility for worship, than their ACLU Lap Dog Lackies Of Revisionist Ideological Deviationalism will be in court MANDATING that Governments Must Follow The Nights who no longer say those Silly THings, since of course, such would be Simply more of the Same Old State Sponsored Badly Done Religious Comedy that is really not at all Funny, and We WILL have to stop you people from doing those sorts of Comedies!!!!

So in the interest of Peace in these Grim And Desperate Seasonal Dysfunctionalities, I say we all Support Great Leader and embark on a complete Drunken Festival of Randomly Nuking Just Any Place, becaue most like God Hates Them TOO!!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!
Tags: religion, war

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