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Scary Snippets From Radio Land....

Last night while driving home, there was what appeared to be the start of a possible traffic jam - so I flipped over to KCBS hoping to hear the traffic report, and instead they had the radio broadcast of the TV show that was running On CBS. Two of the interesting stories wandered around about how the Evil Liberal Media is still confused.

There was a story about some 'no holds barred' Mixed Martial Arts Blood Spurting Sport that had been banned in most of the states in the Union as being merely gore for gore's sake!!! But have been able to make a come back by being more in tune with the need for some rules - since this now offered american Males, ages 18-35, the chance to be able to tune into a new way for the Marketters of Products for their Democraphics would be able to sell them the sort of HeManManlyMaleMasculineMan[dm] products that Young Men, who like to watch blood and guts, and Gore In Their Teeth, but who just do not have what it takes to sign up and serve in the holy crusades. Now don't get me wrong here folks, I have nothing against the sort of National Institutionalized Moral Cowardice that has turned the nation into the collection of Couch Potato VOCHAS that it has become, but why should we have to put up with these Pansies???

Then came the Fancy Money Shot Reporting, about the Gentleman who had been promised Annonymity, as he turned in the initial photographs of the Abu Ghraib Fiasco. It was of course SecDef Rummy who BLEW HIS COVER by handing him over on national radio and TV at the Congressional Hearings. As you might expect, the US military had tried to protect him, had tried to up hold his safety.... But well, some times the Domestic Political Agenda takes precedence over the safety of our troops. So they pulled the kid out of Iraq, and shipped him CONUS - but the Army Security Threat Assessment clarified that he was not going to be allowed to go back to his home town - since his home town was full of folks who like to Support War Crimes, any War Crime, any where it can be conducted.... and so were openly advocating the breach of american law by advocating MURDERING AMERICAN TROOPERS so as to support War Crimes....

Ah yes, what can I say. It so does not surprise me that so many of those "I support the troops" types are stilll fundamentally the freaks in the bleachers who are living with their Testosterone Poisoning, since, well, let us be honest, they do NOT have what it takes to follow their Rhetorical Posturing into the actual service in an Actual American Military Unit....

Ah yes, america, the nation that needs more and more blood!!!

Because they are just not sure what IS the real cause of their Erectile Dysfunctionality Syndrome, and are just not willing to step up to the plate and get over their, 'little issues'....

Ah yes, America, the land that just Loves A War Crime....

Makes one wonder why they have arrived at this dark night of their Soul, and what DO they really plan to do about fixing that...

Or are they just hoping that the Rapture will Rescue Them from ever being held morally accountable for their so called positions!!!
Tags: torture, war

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