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Bomb Canada Now??? ( the Rumsfeldd Defeatist Propoganda )

"But they can't win this, quote, unquote, militarily. It has to be won by the Iraqi people. It has to be run through a reconciliation process and through a political process. And it is those diplomatic and economic and political things that have to move forward in that country."

Meanwhile, General Peter Chiarelli, who relinquishes command of Multinational Forces in Iraq next month, echoed Secretary Rumsfeld's assessment, adding that the U.S. mission in Iraq can succeed, given proper resources. He spoke by video link from Iraq. "We need to get out of thinking this is solely a military conflict where we must simply apply more U.S. or coalition and Iraqi forces against an enemy that we can destroy. All our nation's strengths -- diplomatic, economic, political -- must be leveraged to help the Iraqis find their way through this process."

General Chiarelli underscored the importance of creating jobs for young Iraqi men, whom he characterized as angry, in order to help secure the country. He said the February terrorist bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra sparked Iraq's current sectarian strife by changing people's view of their identity from Iraqi to Sunni or Shia.

[ cf Rumsfeld Says Military Effort Alone Will Not Bring Success in Iraq ]
Good Bye To The Defeatist Kapitulationist Appeaser Cut And Runners!!!!!

I had fun whining at why those who FAILED TO SUPPORT great leader, when great leader was RUSHED INTO ACCIDENTALLY INVADING IRAQ on the orders of the Evil Blue Helmetted One Worlders At The UN and their Puppet Toadies the Evil Liberal Drum Beaters For WAR! in the monolithic Liberal Media!!! the problem remains that those 'anti-war types' have not been willing to Admit That They Were WRONG!!!! They have to be wrong, because clearly they were not Right!!! And as such, they MUST be prevented from being involved in offering up solutions to fix the Problem that they are still responsible for having caused because they are NOT RIGHT!!!!

Now more than EVER! americans must Rally to the President and OPPOSE these Evil Defeatists who oppose TOTAL VICTORY!!!! Since as all True Americans remember, the President Ran AGAINST the Evils of Nation Building - both at home and abroad - and that he was Totally Opposed to Peace And Prosperity as the central tenant of his 2000 and 2004 campaign!!!!! And now, more than Ever!!!! The Nation Must Rally TO Great Leader as we organize to continue to stay the Course Until The Course Is Gloriously Victorious!!!
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