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Bomb Canada Now??? ( the Pram Edition )

so over the week end, I wanted to go to Sur La Table in Santa Row in San Jose, only to find that it had a queue that went around the block, because some rachel ray was there signing cook books. ( today, I learn from a co-worker, that she is actually suppose to be good enough, and is really popular right now. ) But that is SOOOO not an option for me. I am not standing in a queue to get into a store to buy what I want, and that does not include an autographed cook book by some Red Communist Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet!!!!

So it's down the lane to Mai Do, to scope out fountain pens, and my continuing holy quest to find the pen and ink set used in the Aronofsky Film "The Fountain", or some neato coolio cheap fountain pen, which ever comes first... I get one, the medium nib variant of the fine point I got there the last time! I am in the middle of this when G calls and notes that I have not yet checked for messages, since she left one around 0930, to see if I wanted to come to SF to go Shopping with Leopold... I am SOOOO glad that I had not heard the fone, since It was not until 1000 or so that the SUN, in leaugue with the Leftist Liberal Evil Nancy Pelosi Backed Demonic Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies of Despair, rudely interrupted my Lovely Game of Starcraft.... Pinko Red Sympathisers!!!!

At which point I opted to dash down to get my laundry through the laundry facility, and if all went well, take off for some shopping for more toys to help with the process of CORRECTLY transferring pancake batter into CORRECTLY Ridgid Structured Waffles, that are the Full and Only And One True FORM that True Theologically Corrector Than THOU types of Waffles MUST be made, or the TERRORISTS WIN!!!!

Needless to say, standing in Mai Do in San Jose, it is a great idea to dash up to SF to go to Union Square to hang out with Leo in his Tech Noir Pram, while his father makes another clear and compelling proof that Evil Leftist Liberals Are All Evil, And Lefist Liberals And ERs!!!! I figure Leo and i will have a charming time pramming about checking out the Gender Appropriate Primates.... So we wander through Sur La Table off Maiden Lane, and I get a basic idea of what I was thinking I was looking for - remember boys and frogs, shopping is NOT about 'buying' it is about doing the Force Recon Tour Of Duty in the Commercial Market Place and taking out only the Targets of Opportunities for which there are no other alternative but DEATH OR GLORY!!!!!

Needless to say, we have a generically gooder time. Wind up in William And Sonoma, and I am standing there drooling over the Shashi Blades, and James giggles that the one I have such an emotional affection for happens to be used for dealing with Calimari, and I note how it is also useful for deveining a wider variety of infestation elements.... all of which I am in the middle of explaining to Leo when the nice charming dashing young sales clerk walks up and starts pitching her range of blades... and I am trying to keep a straight face, because one really should not interrupt such a theatrical performance with the sudden shift into the David Lynch Based post-surrealism that one is not really interested in the tool set for Kooking but for Harvesting....

We break on through to the other side, get leopold safely home, pick up the 600+ pages of the draft that is still under going the Butcher's Knife approach to weeding out the less than strong portions of the text, hop in the flyig machine, stop off in one more shopping mall, notice that this other chain store for DVD's is a painful reminder that the bulk of the social system of Mall Rats should be culled, you know, for reasons of National Security. I still find it a frightening sub-text that the Mall Kultur still looks like it was dressed without having anyone cough up any money to hire any sort of Production designer!!! Where as the Pre-Production Release Characters in the Union Square area look like they are almost ready to break out in a Song And Dance Number!!! There is the hint that some one sprung for a Production Designer, and, yes, that the Production Designer was taking her revenge for the Paltry Sum that was paid, and it was just on the edge of breaking out and being obvious!!!

I don't care what the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets say about the New Wave Santana Row Variations on the Mall Theme, it is still a mall scene, it is not a street scene!!! And Malls Still REEK of the production Values that made Mall Rats (1995) the quintessential Kultural MetaPhour and Klear And Kompelling Reason that We MUST win the Kultur War or the Iranian Flying Saucers Would Return!!!! And they DID!!!! now didn't they!!!

Needless to say, by the time I wind up finding the sort of gear I basically need, at affordable prices, I figured out that it is too late to cook, and I am way too tired to take a shot at it, so it is off to the Chipolte Place and a dinner in a wrap, and a chance to curl up with the Cultural Malaise And Collapse of Destry Rides Again (1939) with it's Pathetically Obvious Anti-War Stand that is the Clear and Compelling Siren Call for the Iranian Flying Saucers to Come And ATTACK America because the Red Hordes of Communist Dominated Islamo-Fascist Hollywood were to clearly Anti-American For WAYYYYY too long!!!

Ah yes, such a fun filled day it was.

Can there be any doubt that NOW, more than Ever!!!! we must Bomb Canada to Make America, American Again!!!
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