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Do americans accept that the ISG is a message of failure?

The unstated question in aramis307 untitled blog entry, that is little more than quotations from other sources, such as:
The report of the U.S. Iraq Study Group, led by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton, dominated front-page headlines in Arab newspapers Thursday as they commented on the ISG recommendations to the Bush administration. Jordan's al-Arab al-Yawm said while the recommendations were not binding, they nevertheless constitute an "admission of an American defeat in Iraq." The daily, which describes itself as independent, opined that President George W. Bush has officially been defeated in the war on Iraq, "but we cannot claim that Iraq triumphed after its destruction." The only victor so far, it argued, has been Iran, since the invasion and occupation of Iraq "destroyed the largest Arab barrier in the face of (Iran's) regional (expansionist) ambitions in Iraq, where the United States has sunk in the quagmire." The occupation, it said, has made Iran into a powerful regional force, insisting Tehran will come out even stronger from the "American failure if that Arab country is left in a state of total chaos and violent destruction without serious and immediate Arab action."
[ citing the SCG ]
One just has to wonder.

Can the continued failure of the Pro-War Camp to get enough 'boots in the sand' to "win the war" be a part of the problem??? or just one more facet in the whole failure of the folly since day one pager one. Back when some of us were asking the simpler
Why Iraq?
Why Now?
and the NeoCons and TheoCons were questioning our patriotism....

So where DO americans really want to stand???

Do they want to just go on Hail Great Leader where now they are all in love with Nancy Pelosi's Voodoo Zombie Dust Bunnies, instead of Tom DeLays Good Old Boys who would have served, but the governmetn was giving the good jobs to the minorities....
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