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More Post Surrealist Breakfast Club, Or winning against the foregin invaders....

Yes boys and Girls the Loopy Leftist Leaning Anti-War Types at Faux News are out being Wacko again:
For example, during his "My Word" segment on the December 6 edition of Fox News' The Big Story, host John Gibson posed the question: "Whose fault is the trouble in Iraq? Bush's fault?" He answered his own question: "No, it's the Iraqis' fault." He complained that Iraqis spend all their time killing their neighbors while "we're trying to fight foreign invaders."
[ cf Conservative media on Iraq Study Group report: "[T]he problem with Iraq is the Iraqis" ]
It is soooo good to see that they are getting over their direct opposition to the Greatest Military Leader Ever!!! who merely went to Iraq to restore the wetlands and to Protect the Iraqi's from the Brutal Horrors of the Globalization Crowd who would take away all of the High Paying Jobs Torturing Evil Doing Evil Doers and Offshoring them to Iran, Syria, Sauci Arabia, China, you would be surprised....

All Hail Great Leader!!! For it is not his fault that the Evil Doing Loopy Leftist Leaning Anti-War Types in the Radical Left Wing Extremists Liberal Media Kliques FORCED the UN to FORCE him to send in troops to Iraq, because all of those EVIL TYPES support Nancy Pelosi and her Radical Extremists Satanic Devil Worshipping Voodoo Zombie Teenage Mutant Ninja Dust Bunnies Of Despair in their Unholy Rampage Against our White Christian America!!!!

Ok, so I am upset that the so called conservatives have not identified Gay Marriages and Evolution as the leading cause of the problems in Iraq....
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