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The Post-Surealists Breakfast Club....

But there is a Clear And Compelling distinction between when the Evil Liberal Defeatists Cut and Runners invade the Privacy of Dick Cheney's Pregnant Unmarried Daughter, and when the Patriotically Corrector and Far More Theologically Corrector Than Thou Defeatists Cut And Runners Invade the Privacy of Dick Cheney's Lesbian Pregnant Unmarried Daughter - the very point that MediaMatter FAILS to make in their Whine:
Summary: Focus on the Family expressed its disapproval over Mary Cheney's pregnancy, with analyst Carrie Gordon Earll arguing that "conceiv[ing] a child outside" of a heterosexual marriage is not "a good idea" because "[l]ove can't replace a mother and a father," while Bill O'Reilly devoted a segment to the "controversial" family-to-be. However, Focus on the Family and O'Reilly both criticized Sen. John Kerry in 2004 for allegedly invading Cheney's privacy when he mentioned her sexual orientation during a presidential debate.
[ cf Conservatives who criticized Kerry's "invasion" of Mary Cheney's "privacy" in 2004 now question Cheney pregnancy (emphasis Mine) ]
Go Read It!!!! See How The Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets Are EVIL!!!!

You see, the Evil Liberals do not understand Love!!! They think that simply because two people Love each other that is enough!!! When as we all know that the Important Thing is TOTAL DEVOTION TO GREAT LEADER!!!! Mere Love is NOT ENOUGH!!!! That is what those Blue Stater's Just do Not GET!!!! Only Blind Obedience to Great Leader And the WIllingness To KILL ON COMMAND seperates the Culture of Life from these Dispicable Blue Stater Culture of Death Types who do not understand the Importance of Life and KILLING ON COMMAND as Jesus DEMANDS!!!!

All Haill Great Leaderer!!!! For he is a Great Leadereer in the Culture of Life Because he is willing to Kill On Command as God Calls him forth to slaughter the evil doing evil doers who do evill and do not support the Culuture of Life!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to support the Culture of Life BY KILLING ON COMMAND as God Calls YOU to slaughter the Heathen Idolators and their Blue Stater Fellow Travellors???
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