drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Media Matter Gets Bogged Down In Failed Reality Based Community!!!!

Oh dear, oh, dear, oh dear. Here is the Media Matter Folks doing a general whine about the systemic failure of the Evil Liberal Media
Summary: Media Matters for America has identified six findings in the Iraq Study Group's report that major news outlets have largely overlooked. They include: that the Pentagon has significantly underreported the extent of violence in Iraq, that U.S. officials possess little knowledge about the sources of the ongoing attacks, and that the situation in Afghanistan has grown so dire that U.S. troops may need to be diverted there from Iraq.
[ cf What the media aren't telling you about the Iraq Study Group report ]
But why SHOULD the media report anything more about the report than is needed to sell which ever form of "decent interval" will be the final product marketted????

Do folks really feel that it is time to RETREAT back into mere Fact Based Reporting???

All Hail Great Leader!!! Because he understands that Facts are only for the Victims of Fact Based Reality Communities, and those are Evil, and Demonic, And Horrifically Scary Places where there are Nasty VICIOUS EVIL BEAST CREATURES all of which must be destroyed and their Evil and Sinister Fact Based Reality Communities that are their Breeding Grown!!!!

Are you doing your PART to destry the Evil and Sinister Fact Based Reality Communities that are their Breeding Growns of Nasty VICIOUS EVIL BEAST CREATURES!!!!????!!!!!
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