drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Hey Boys And Girls the Mooninites are the New Josey And The Pussy Cats!!!

President George W. Bush said on Thursday "we need a new approach" in Iraq that could include contacts with Iran and Syria and U.S. troop reductions, a day after a panel pressured him for a swift change in strategy.

Bush said he was working on a speech to outline his new strategy for Iraq, an announcement the White House hoped would be possible by the end of the year.

[ cf Bush admits 'we need a new approach' in Iraq ]
Now there is a Clear and Compelling Call for Staying The Course!!!

Never Before Has there ever been a Clearly Call For Staying the Course, especially since the MooninItes are So Jerkin!!!!

All Hail The Cult of the Mooninites For They Keep Great Leader Great!!!

Are YOU doing your Part to Stay the Course so that the Cult of the Mooninites Keep Great Leader Great???
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