drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Ding Dong The Evil demonic voodoo dust Bunny is Dead!!!

Glorious Patriotic Hero notesGo easy on the Cheney girl that simply because Dick Cheney's Unmarried Daughter is Pregnant, that Laura Bush should Go Easy On her, since these things Happen!!

Ah yes, The Dark Night of the Evil Rumour Mongering that she was some sort of Non-HeteroSeXual have come to a close, since clearly the Glorious Heroic Military Victory Of Victorious Out of Wedlock Pregnancy is a Glorious And Heroic Military Victory For the Forces of Truth, Justice, And the End to the Growing Threat Of Non-HeteroSeXuals and their Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianists Dogma!!!

But that should clearly compell a more compellingly clear clarification for why Bombing Canada is the Only Thing That Can Be Done!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For Great Leader IS Great!!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, religion, war

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